Fifteen years of industry related expertise in the management of health care in its current climate of reform.


Licensed attorney and former hospital CEO offering a variety of services from crisis management to day-to-day operations instruction.


Fostering communication between industry professionals to combat the inherent chaos of our modern health care structure.

Health care compliance has never been more important. At Garner Health, we guide you through the labyrinth of today’s regulatory changes and provide you with the tools to implement and strengthen your internal compliance program, all with the goal of preventing, identifying and correcting health care concerns before they become an issue. read more
Our services remove the guesswork from health care reform. We provide a multitude of in-depth analyses for health care mergers and acquisitions, including fair market value studies, fairness opinions, and other valuation/appraisal services for hospitals, physicians, physician groups, nursing homes and clinics. read more
Industry- tested – From crisis management down to your daily operations. Interim Management of health care institutions due to financial difficulties, regulatory concerns, or issues resulting from changes in the contemporary health care structure.
The future of health care. Change to We are perfectly poised to help you in the creation and understanding of Medicare
Let us guide you. We provide litigation support and expert consulting that can serve as an invaluable roadmap through the complexities of modern health care.

“While health care reform may have survived its encounter with the Supreme Court, its future is anything but certain. Though it is probable that many of the programs in the Affordable Care Act will endure whatever iterations of health care reform the future holds, its true legacy faces one more daunting challenge in November.”

Craig Garner
CEO | Garner Health Consulting