Hospital Solutions

iStock_000031592448SmallGarner Health Consulting offers interim management services through its wide range of expertise to get your organization back on track.

Our team of experienced hospital executives has the maturity and industry-tested experience to provide extraordinary leadership through challenging times. Whether your institution is struggling with financial difficulties, regulatory concerns, crisis management or issues resulting from changes in contemporary health care, we specialize in providing turnkey operations and solutions. For needs both short and long-term, let us guide you through the process to create stability.

With over 15 years of industry tested experience, our commitment to excellence is the foundation upon which success is made:

Commitment to Quality: A fundamental tenet for any hospital is to provide care to its patients. We believe in providing outstanding patient centered care in all areas, while at the same time expanding access to those in need of such services.

Commitment to Mission, Vision and Values:  We appreciate your commitments to recognize the value and inherent dignity in each person. The need to maintain all essential health care services often serves as the foundation to success.

Commitment to Excellence in Operations: We acknowledge the importance in recruiting and retaining a team of talented health care leaders so you can continue to operate at the highest level and in a manner consistent with the established philosophy.  We do this by providing a turnaround platform that is financially viable in its operations.

Interim Management Services Include:

         •  Employing or engaging licensed professional and administrative staffing

         •  A focus on maintaining the physical infrastructure of your institution

         •  Managing and improving your revenue cycle, including the necessary financial and accounting services

         •  Preparation of policies, procedures, and other materials for your operations

         •  Contract negotiations

         •  Running your institution in the way it should be